Lok Sewa Dal (R) Phagwara is an NGO establish in 1977 by a group of peoples to help needy persons around us.
Our aim is to Provide education, help to needy Girls marriage, help to medical needed persons eyes operations & check up, Many more tests like Blood group,Blood Sugar, Orthopedic ,Dental etc.

Eye donations after death to help Blind Peoples to see beautiful World.
Our programs it is made possible through donations contributions……….. from members with the ……… in support. We will ……… to extend our

after is and provide service to improve the enable …….. Needy persons.
Your contribution can …….. in a lot of difference in the life of many human beings.

Together We can Make a Difference
Since 1977 years Our Organization has touched the lots of children through its programmers and services – providing a basic need equipment’s , medical care, nutrition, and education. This is no mean feat. It has only been made possible due to the generosity of people and groups who believed they could make a difference to the lives of under-privileged children.

How Can You Help Us
There are several different ways in which YOU can help. You can Help surgical of physically disabled children. You can help us spread awareness about our programs. You can sponsor education of children. You can help us meet the costs of running Medical Camps and Wedding Programs… and donate money to our organization for these activities.